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Simply log in, create your deal and embed it on ANY site. Nothing to download, no coding, no hassle. Create high converting viral deals in only 3 steps.


I’m sure you’ve heard of Groupon, right?


How about AppSumo?


….or DealFuel?

These are some of the most high traffic, high revenue sites you will find online today in their niche and what do they have in common? They are all deal sites.

They offer their customers compelling deals.

Deals that offer amazing value for tried and tested apps, once off bargains and “too good to pass up” offers.


And because they are presented to users in a compact format, with a lot of urgency, countdown timers and scarcity, people buy in huge numbers.


The deals sell out, the seller is happy, the buyer is happy. Everyone is happy.


What’s stopping you running a deal just like this to your own customers, to a new email list or even with FB ads?


Well, until today you’d need a lot of expensive software, a hefty monthly subscription, a designer or 2, maybe a coder and a lot of time to set it all up.

In fact, to list an offer on the sites I mention above, you’d have to part with an eye watering % of your revenue for the privilege of being listed on their site.

And be honest here - that sucks, right?


Of course it does.

Which is where we step in to the rescue!

We love listening to our customers and creating new solutions to their problems with affordable, high quality software….and we have done it again.



Cloud based deals and special offers

YourDealsApp is our brand new cloud based deals platform that will let you log in and create a special offer or time/scarcity based deal that you can embed on any site (or use our yourdealsapp URL) to run your own special offers in a few simple steps!


We aren’t too far away from Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the other big sales days that come up towards the end of the year, so YourDealsApp is just the app you need to get your campaigns in place.


As ever, in true Zign style, we’ve made this as fast and easy to use as we can.


You can be up and running in 3 simple steps


Click “create” to begin putting your deal together.


Add your deal content and click save.


Publish your deal, or embed on any site

It literally could not be any simpler!

Before you snap up your copy with the very special deal we have created, let’s give you some details on all the amazing features we have packed into YourDealsApp today.


Built In Image Library

Trying to find the right image for your campaigns can be a hassle.  YourDealsApp solves that problem for you by giving you access to thousands of potential images with a few clicks.


YouZign Integration

Use Youzign in your YourDealsApp campaigns and create graphics that wow and stun while boosting your conversion rates.  Access all of Youzign’s power wrapped into YourDealsApp.


Stunning Video Backgrounds

Make your pages stand out even more with access to hundreds of video backgrounds that wow and excite even the most stubborn prospects.


Custom Image Upload/Embed

Want to use your own images?  No problem. Simply upload into YourDealsApp and you’re good to go.


Built In PayPal Payment Options

With Paypal being one of the top payment processors online, you can integrate your very own Paypal account and be ready to start taking payments in a cinch.


Custom Payment Processor Selection

YourDealsApp also lets you use any check out link of any payment processor you choose.  This way you aren’t tied down to one merchant such as Paypal or even Stripe.


Specified Number of Sales Option

Choose whether you want to limit sales to a certain amount, have a maximum number of sales or even unlimited sales.  There’s no limits with the amount of sales you want to release for any product or service.


Timed Limited Deals & Offers

Want to improve scarcity for a product?  No problem. Simply set your parameters and YourDealsApp will cut off access to purchase within the specified time frame.


Custom Countdown & Redirect

Choose your countdown options and what happens when your countdown expires.  You can use an overlay image or even choose to redirect to another offer for prospects to take advantage of.


“Deal Chaining” (Evergreen Option)

You can set YourDealsApp to expire at a given time and when it does or when all of the units are purchased at a certain price, you can set YourDealsApp to redirect to a new offer with a higher price or to a related offer for cross promotion.


Built In Terms & Conditions

YourDealsApp helps you cover your ‘tail’ by making sure all of your legal info is in order.  This way you avoid the possibility of getting shut down and losing sales.


Deal Expiration Customization

YourDealsApp lets you capitalize on that traffic by giving you the option to redirect visitors to another url (to a different offer or sign up list), use a custom message or even use a custom overlay with video and graphics of your choice.


Real Time Expirations

Even if a prospect is on a page, if the timer runs out, YourDealsApp will show an image in real time.  This way subscribers and prospects know that they need to take advantage of your offers and that you’re not providing fake scarcity..


Customizable Style and Colors

Customize with colors until your heart’s content. YourDealsApp makes it easy to do so you can fit your company and brands needs.


Detailed Analytics and Data

Know exactly who’s visiting your site,where they’re coming from, and even the type of web browser they use.  YourDealsApp takes this complex data and makes it simple to digest..


Built In Payment Status

YourDealsApp also lets you have access to real time statistics when it comes to payments and clicks. You’ll be able to see exactly how many purchases were made, how many people click through to your cart and how many people abandoned the cart as well.

YourDealsApp is PACKED with powerful features, and here's 5 more reasons why you should sign up today:


Sales & Conversions made simple

YourDealsApp lets you run special offers that customers will love with total ease. Automated, simple, fast.


No Coding Necessary

We’ve designed YourDealsApp to run straight out of the digital box for even the greenest of newbies and non techies including yourself.

Be up and running with your first campaign in minutes.


Your Pages Made Your Way

Build a custom deal page with your very own style and personality.  


Add any content, images, video, ect. that you want and make your pages standout.


Total Control At Your FIngertips

YourDealsApp lets you choose to embed your pages on your own site or use your very own custom YourDealsApp unique url.

Whatever you decide, YourDealsApp can accommodate how you want to host your custom deal pages without any hassle. You get maximum flexibility.


Unique Custom Short URL's

No longer will you have to deal with ugly links that throw off potential customers and are hard to remember.  


Our unique software will give you the option of a great memorable URL for every campaign you create

Along with YourDealsApp, when you sign up today, we
are also giving you these limited bonuses:

Bonus: Developer Rights & More....


This is usually an OTO or paid upgrade in other launches but not for our customers.


We are giving you complete access and user rights to create and run deal campaigns for clients. Even 1 single client will more than cover the cost of YourDealsApp today.


Imagine running a special offer for a gym coming up to January? It’d sell like crazy!


….or a special event for a club or restaurant around Christmas….

…..maybe even an end-of-year flash sale for some software?


Developer rights let you do all of that and more.


YourDealsapp Business Finder App (Worth $997)


Free Advertising Credits Worth $600-$800


150+ FREE Online Marketing Tools to help you sell like crazy!



…..maybe even sell your services?


Plus unlisted BONUSES PLUS all that and more.


With all that said, you are probably ready to pull the trigger and get started with your first Deal campaign, but before you do I want to give you a recap of everything you get in YourDealsApp, and remove all risk.


30 Day No-Hassle Refund Guarantee

When you buy today, you get our usual full 30 days hassle free refund guarantee.


If you are not happy with any of YourDealsApp, just get in touch via support to organise a prompt refund

With all the risk gone, here is a recap of what you get:


$197 $47

  • YourDealsApp Cloud Access
  • Developer Rights
  • Unbranded custom short URL
  • Unlimited campaigns
  • Client campaigns
  • Built-in image library
  • Youzign integration
  • “Embed anywhere” technology
  • 3-step Deal creation and automation system
  • Deal-chaining functions
  • Auto-expiry
  • Automated countdown timers
  • Unit based sales
  • Visual deal editor

This offer is available for a limited time only.


Every time we open up a special deal like this to our loyal customers, it always sells out ahead of time.


If you do not want to end up paying more, missing the bonuses or having to pay  subscription fee, today is the time to take action.

Similar apps with less features cost hefty monthly subscription fees and they don’t even come with developer rights like YourDealsApp. We have made this available with a one-off low price, and one single client will more than cover the price of YourDealsApp today.


Brett Hatch

Founder @Apps4marketers

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Your Deals App is easy and effective!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, there is not limit to the number of deals you can run when you buy during this special offer.

Yes, a full 30 days no hassle refund guarantee!

Yes, if you buy during this special offer.

Yes, you can use our embed code to add a deal to your own page, or you can use our unbranded dlzn URL platform.